In Norway you can enjoy a camping holiday in both summertime and wintertime. Having trouble choosing? Why not try at bit of everyting! Try your luck at fishing in our countless rivers, lakes and fjords; visit our amusement parks and zoos, which offer hours of fun for the children; relax on a sun-soaked rock at the water’s edge or go skiing in summer! The possibilities are endless and there are campsites all over Norway, whether you are holidaying by a fjord, in the mountains, by the sea or touring in our varied countryside. The Norwegian Hospitality Association (NHO Reiseliv) has classified its camping sites with a rating system from 1 to 5 stars.Cabins are assessed in the same way, independently of the campsite, and are given one (*) to five (*****) star ratings.Look for this sign at reception.
This sign symbolizes that
the site has been classified
and approved






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Norwegian camping holidays are of a high quality. In this camping
guide you will find the information needed in order to plan your camping holiday in Norway. We have allocated every campsite a site code (2 letters + a number) and a map reference, so individual campsites are easy to find on the map guide (see the explanation on page 32). A wide variety of fun activities and play areas is provided to ensure a holiday full of excitement and new experiences. Overnight prices for caravans, mobile homes and tents vary from campsite to campsite within each star rating. Sites rated with 2–3 stars cost from NOK 80 – NOK 160 per accommodation unit per day, those with 4–5 stars cost from NOK 120–400 per accommodation unit per day. Opening times are normally from 0700 to 2300. The larger campsites tend to have someone on duty 24 hours a day.WINTER CAMPING
Winter camping is becoming more and more popular, with both
caravans and recreational vehicles. In Norway many camping sites are well equipped for winter stays. They have their own sanitary facilities, there are cabins for hire, electric heating is available, and there is a range of activities for children and adults of all ages. Winter camping sites are often located near winter sports facilities with alpine and crosscountry trails and luge and snowboarding options. Look for symbols under each camping enterprise. Remember! It always pays to call in advance to check conditions and order a connection to the mains.

Many campsites have good cabins available for rent. These often have charming Norwegian style bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and well-equipped kitchens. You will find cabins throughout Norway all set in beautiful surroundings. Bedclothes are available for hire at the site or you can bring your own. Price per cabin per day is NOK 250-1000 according to size, facilities and comfort.Please note that the cabin standard is assessed independently of the standard of campsites, i.e. a 2 star campsite may well have 5 star cabins.
Mobile homes are welcome at our campsites. Safety and security are guaranteed.If you are travelling by mobile home in Norway, it is useful to know where you can fill up your tanks with clean water and dispose of rubbish and waste water without any hassle. Look for the signunder the individual campsite.
Owing to the risk of rabies, very stringent rules are in force for the importation of dogs, cats and other animals. For information contact the Royal Norwegian Embassy or
Mattilsynet Hovedkontor
Postboks 383,
Tlf.: +47 23 21 68 00..
Most 3 star campsites have toilets and showers for the disabled.All 4 and 5 star campsites have toilets and showers for the disabled. Look for thesign under the individual campsite.
The right to fish for inland fish, crawfish, salmon, sea trout and sea char in watercourses belongs to the landowner. This applies equally to private landowners, the Norwegian Mountain Commons (local mountain boards) or Statskog.The fishing licence may be purchased near the fishing site, from the landowner, from sports shops, tourist information offices, campsites etc. The licence often states when, where and how you can fish. Usually you can choose from among the following options: 1-day, 2-day, weekly or season cards.ANGLING IN THE SEA IS FREE OF CHARGE
There is no obligation to pay a fishing fee or purchase a fishing licence for leisure fishing for saltwater fish with a rod or hand-held line. The same thing applies to fishing in the sea for sea trout, salmon and sea char.ANGLING TOURISM IN NORWAY
– export restriction on fish and fish products. From 1 June 2006, it is no longer permitted to export from Norway more than 15 kg of fish or fish products per person. The fisheries authorities are now calling on anglers to observe the same regulations as those which apply for professional fishermen in respect of minimum fish sizes. The export restriction applies for both round and gutted fish and for processed products such as fish fillets. Irrespective of the export restriction, an angler may take one whole fish (as a trophy) in addition to the permitted amount. The export restriction applies for all, including for Norwegian nationals.
To our customers
Since 1 January 1998 it is no longer possible to refill foreign propane bottles at our filling stations in Oslo and Trondheim. This is because AGA AS has moved its filling station to a different site, to which mobile homes etc. are not permitted access by the authorities. The second reason, is that foreign propane bottles and equipment are not subject to the same maintenance requirements as in Norway. AGA AS is therefore not able to take responsibility for accidents that might occur as a result of the use of equipment that does not comply with Norwegian Standard.Not all foreign visitors are able to exchange their bottles (the exception is Swedish bottles) in Norway. The simplest, best and probably the cheapest solution is for tourists to buy a Norwegian propane bottle and use it during their stay in Norway.As well as a Norwegian bottle, some foreign visitors – e.g. those from Germany – will need an adapter to attach their equipment to our Norwegian propane bottles. An adapter of this type costs about NOK 300,-. Foreign tourists, before leaving Norway, may return their Norwegian propane bottles to an AGA AS dealer in Norway in return for a refund of NOK 400,-. This is only valid in Norway (No refund in other countries). There is no refund on the adapter. The product number of the adapter is 306101. To qualify for a refund, visitors must submit an AGA propane bottle (grey) and a receipt that is less than six months old. Best regard,
Camping cheques are a new offer for those on driving holidays in Norway.
Camping cheques are valid as payment for:
1 overnight stay in a tent/camper van/caravan for up to 5 people per unit. Electricity is not allways included in this price and cash payment must be paid at the site. Participating campsites are shown by the in the camping guide. Look at internet: and