No dogs allowed



Payment by credit card

Svimming pool, heated

Room for handicapped person(s)


Family Bathroom


Childrens pool, unheated.



Washing machine

Family Camping Horseback riding


Beer and Wine Childrens pool, heated

Baby care room

Fully licensed Ball court

Facilities for recreational vehicles

Sale of fishing license Tennis
Microwave oven
Gas Minigolf
Grill bar Golf
Lots with drain for waste water and connection for water
Café Fishing
Sink h/c water
PUB Cycles for hire
Shower with h/c water Conference room Trim course
Hair drying/shaving Letter box Surfing
Wash basin with h/c water Enclosed, with barrier Boat slipp
Sink basin Somewhat sheltered Boats and canoes for hire
Sink, shielded Heavily sheltered Cycle cross course
Combi room Ideally sheltered Wireless Internet access
Dishwashing h/c water Quick stop Spa/jazucci
Sanitary area for children No smoking Fishing gear for hire
Family bathroom for hire Cafeteria Guest dock
Minibath for hire Tent area Outdoor barbeque
Lots with drain for waste water and connection for water Tent for hire Playground
Comfort Lots, min 140 m2 Caravans for hire Acess for satelite dish
Men’s room Cabins for hire Ice fishing
Ladies’ room Flats for hire Ski area
Toilet Reception (front desk) Cutting site and freezer option
Sink in cabinet Dog bath Game room
Sink, shielded Dog walking area Training room
Combi room – sink and shower Telephone Slalom
Combi room – shower and toilet Phone and fax messages taken Cross country ski trail
Minibath Reserved Internet Café
Cooking facilities Winter camping Lockable storage for a fee
Electric drying cabinet Winter camping by reservation Babysitting
Level lots accessible by car Lot size not indicated Child minding (3–7 years)
Level lots, accessible by car, with drain for wastewater Lot size 80m2 Activity leader
Level lots accessible by car,with water attachment and drain Lot size 80–100m2 Activity room,
Lot size 100–120m2 Zoo on site
Lot size > 120m2 Skateboard track
Approved area i da. Mini waterland
Mountain terrain Mini waterland, indoors
Waterland w/5 activities
Waterland w/5 activities indoor
Swimming pool, unheated
Swimming pool, unheated, indoors
Swimming pool, 200m, heated
Swimming pool, 200m, heated, indoors
Children’s pool, unheated
Children’s pool, unheated, for a fee
Children’s pool, heated
Children’s pool, heated, indoors
Slide,min. 10m
Training room,min. 10 pieces of equipment
Beach Volley
Tennis equipment for hire
Table tennis
Indoor sports arena
Floating pier,
Water bike for hire
Surfing equipment for hire
Tips for cycle trips
Tips for walking tours
Guided walking tours
Training course,min. 10 obstacles
Guided exercise hikes
Organized excursions by bus etc.
Ski school
Ski equipment for hire