Top 4 summer activities outside Bergen

Solneset Gård is located in Unneland in Arna, approximately 25 minutes by car east of Bergen. The farm is surrounded by natural beauty at the foot of Gulfjellet mountain, and borders with the Nesvika Nature Reserve, which is part of Haukelandsvannet lake. There have been registered more than 100 species of birds here, as well as trout, pike and salmon. We have spoken with Frode Bergo Larsen of Solneset Gård and he gave us 4 tips for things to do and see in the local area.
1. Redningshytten on Gullfjellet
Redningshytten is a small mountain lodge located on Bergen’s highest mountain, Gullfjellet. Redningshytten is always open and is staffed by volunteers on weekends. It takes about 1 hour to walk to the lodge from the car park by Osevann lake. The trail is clearly marked by cairns and passes through excellent hiking terrain surrounded by mountain scenery.

Enjoy hiking in the mountains!

Photo: Redningshytten

2. Salmon fishing in the Arna river system

Storelva in Arna is one of the best salmon-fishing rivers in Hordaland. Here you can catch really big salmon. Fishing licences and day passes are reasonably priced. The river is well organised for salmon fishing with marked fishing spots and pathways.

Enjoy salmon fishing in Storelva!

Photo: Arna Sportsfiskarlag

3. The Espeland Fangeleir/POW Camp

Espeland Fangeleir is the only POW camp preserved from the Second World War (1940-45). The museum is open to visitors with lectures and original film reels.

More information here

Photo: Tor Dishington Johansen

4. Gamle Vossebanen veteran railway

Gamle Vossebanen is Norway’s only preserved veteran railway.

You can take the steam train with its teak carriages through beautiful West Norwegian landscape with fjords, rivers and lakes on one side and steep forested mountains on the other.

All aboard!

Photo: Arne Wangen Brattland

Thanks for these great tips, Frode! Stay at Solneset Gård when you holiday in West Norway and need somewhere to stay close to Bergen.

Top photo: Frode Larsen

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