Top 5 summer activities in Hemnes in Helgeland

Hemnes, in the heart of Helgeland, offers a range of culture- and nature-based experiences. You can, for example, explore North Norway’s highest mountain, eighth largest glacier and picturesque fjord arms, or simply enjoy excellent fishing in the Røssåga river. Festivals, concerts and plays are arranged by local artists throughout the year, offering great entertainment and a unique experience. We talked with Gry Elly from Korgen Camping who gave us 5 great suggestions for what to see and do in Helgeland this summer.

1. Salmon fishing in Røssåga
Korgen Camping is situated right by the Røssåga river. This means you can step outside your cabin door and fish for salmon and trout in idyllic surroundings. There is a stretch dedicated for fly fishing area that is easily accessible on foot, and with traditional, ethnic lean-to shelters where you can light an open fire. Here you can really enjoy the peace and quiet of the wonderful Helgeland nature whilst waiting for the fish to bite.

Try your luck at fishing in the Røssåga river!

Photo: Henrik Fredriksen

2. Korgfjellet
Korgfjellet has great views of Okstindan. Just 10 kilometres from Korgen Camping is Korgfjellet at 555 metres above sea-level offering fantastic views of the “Okstindan” mountain range and North Norway’s highest peak – Oksskolten – at 1,916 metres. Park your car and walk for miles through fantastic hiking country with countless tarns and lakes, or simply enjoy the view from Korgfjellet Fjellstue with lunch, an ice-cream or coffee.

Visit Korgfjellet

Photo: Fabrice Milochau / Hemnes kommune

3. Rabothytta – DNT-cabin no. 500
Rabothytta is part of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT)‘s cabin and trail network around Okstindan in Helgeland. The cabin is situated at 1,200 metres above sea-level close to the Okstidan glacier. The quickest way to get there is from Leirbotn, a 25-minute drive from Korgen Camping through the picturesque Leirskard valley. From there you can look forward to a 2-hour hike through glorious mountainous terrain. If you wish to extend your tour, the Hemnes Trekking Association manages three more cabins in the Okstindan mountain range.

Visit Rabothytta near Okstidan glacier

 Photo: Fabrice Milochau / Hemnes kommune

4. Inderdalen – idyll at the entrance to Okstindan
This restored traditional mountain farm is situated at the start of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT)’s cabin and trail network leading to the Gråfjell cabin in Okstindan and is really worth a visit. On certain days during the summer the farm opens as a café with traditional baking and a shop. If closed, however, the surrounding countryside is still available for hiking with fantastic mountain scenery.

Visit Inderdalen mountain farm

Photo: Dag Brygfjeld

5. Hemnesberget – a «south Norwegian» pearl in North Norway
Take a 25-minute drive from Korgen Camping along the Røssåga river and Sørfjorden to Hemnesberget, a peninsula surrounded by a beautiful fjordic and mountain scenery. Take a stroll to see the traditional wooden waterfront houses at Lapphella. Stop for a coffee and delicious pastry in the goldsmith’s workshop and pop in to see other craftsmen/artists at work.

Visit picturesque Hemnesberget village

Photo: Fabrice Milochau / Hemnes kommune

Thanks for these fantastic tips, Gry Elly! Hemnes is a trekker’s paradise with fantastic countryside and great scenery, and Korgen Camping is a good place to stay when holidaying in Helgeland.

Photo top image: Benjamin Fredriksen

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