Top 5 summer activities in Skudeneshavn

On the southernmost tip of the island of Karmøy in West Norway is the charming town of Skudeneshavn. In the 1800s, Skudeneshavn prospered as a busy herring fishing port and today there are around 130 houses/buildings preserved from that time. From Skudenes Camping it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the centre. We have spoken with Lars Andreas at Skudenes Camping and he recommends 5 summer activities in the local area.

1. Viking for a day
Here you can dress up as a Viking and experience what it must have been like in the Viking era. What did the Vikings eat and how did they live? What games did Viking children play? How did Vikings manage to be strong enough to carry heavy swords and shields?

Try being a Viking for a day

Photo: Per Inge Eriksen og Stian Johannesen

2. Skudeneshavn’s activity park
The “Tarzan Park” at Skudeneshavn School is a veritable paradise for active kids looking for daring things to do. The park contains a variety of balancing and climbing apparatuses suitable for children of all ages. Swing through the trees like Tarzan!

Take your kids to the “Tarzan Park”

Photo: Inger K  Haavik

3. Soft sandy beaches and clear blue sea
There’s nothing like a visit to our fine sandy beaches on a hot summer’s day or taking a stroll along Åkrasanden beach when the surf is up!

Skudeneshavn’s “Mediterranean” beaches offer gleaming white sand and clear blue water – perfect for bathing, building sand castles or flying kites.

Enjoy beach life!

Photo: Per Inge Eriksen og Stian Johannesen

4. Skudenes Bryggeri (microbrewery)
Skudeneshavn has a craft brewery located close to the campsite.

Skudenes Bryggeri produces and supplies beer to numerous bars and restaurants on Karmøy and organises tastings and brewing courses for interested visitors.

Visit Skudenes Bryggeri

Photo: Svein Andre Waage

5. The Skude Festival
The Skude Festival is Norway’s largest coastal culture festival and is held on the first weekend in July. The festival attracts around 35,000 visitors and some 600 boats from all categories – wooden boats, veteran boats, pleasure boats, small yachts and large sailing ships.

Experience the Skude Festival

Photo: Per Inge Eriksen og Stian Johannesen

Thanks for these great tips, Lars Andreas! For more information about what’s happening in Skudeneshavn this summer click here. In Skudeneshavn, you stay at Skudenes Camping.

Top photo: mastromonica/Foap/

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